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Hello and welcome!

I am pleased to have been re-elected as Yukon Agricultural Association (YAA) president and am very much looking forward to working with YAA board members and industry for the 2014/15 year.

The YAA has been active the past year, primarily focusing on initiating preliminary work at the YAA Mayo Road Land Lease. A new access road is in place, and you will notice some new fencing on the perimiter. Currenly we are working towards a conceptual site plan for the parcel.

In April, the past president accompanied me to make a presentation to Whitehorse City Council to request the development of the land zoned "agricultre" in the Cousin's Airstrip area. The lack of available land for future farmers is an issue we continue to work on for our membership.

Our association has been in existence since 1974 and today, we are a diverse group of farmers and producers representing the Yukon agricultural industry. One growing subcommittee of the YAA is the Yukon Young Farmers (YYF). The YAA has internal working committes, such as the storage bin, equipment and Mayo Road land committees.  Our representatives sit on the Yukon Invasive Special Council, the Elk Technical Team, the GF2 Review Committee, and the AIAC. Together we are working to advance agriculture in Yukon.

Members will notice that YAA is undertaking short surveys on a regular basis, and we appreciate your participation each month. Please consider supporting us with an annual membershipfees continue to be an annual $10 per person.

Thank you for visiting us on line and if possible, come and visit us in person!


Mike Blumenschein


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Yukon Agriculture Association - Farmers Field with Mountains in Backgorund

Welcome to Yukon Agricultural Association

This website is a meeting place for agricultural producers, hobbyists and enthusiasts from around the Yukon. It is a source of information for funding, research, equipment rental, and agricultural opportunities among other things. Contact us for research and information about Yukon Agriculture. If you have photographs, research papers or opportunities you want to share, please email them or bring them to our Whitehorse office. Check out our blog for frequent updates.

Welcome to the Yukon Agricultural Association!