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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Information on Selling Yukon Farm Products

Selling to the Yukon Government

There are 2 ways in which Yukon farmers can access Territorial Government Institutions to make sales of their products:

  • Register with either the Supplier Directory or Commodities Vendor Index to receive invitational tenders.  This identifies the farmer to purchasers within the government. 
    Read more information on government procurement here.
  • Make direct contact with government institutions to learn what kinds of products and volumes are required throughout the year.  This could be followed by a discussion regarding how a farmer may be able to supply their product on an on-going basis or for special events that may be hosted at the various institutions.

Additionally, the Yukon Government has a Business Incentive Program under which there is a rebate schedule (organized as per the North American Industry Classification System) that provides Yukon businesses a competitive pricing opportunity when selling goods and services to the government.  Here is more information about rebates on Yukon manufactured products.


Selling to the General Public

Many Yukon farm and garden products are sold directly via "farm gate sales".  This enables farmers to be the price setters and interact with customers who can gain an appreciation for the energy, time and costs that go into producing local foods.  The YAA offers a blog to its members so they can advertise their produce to the public.  The Yukon Farm Products & Services Guide booklet and website also list Yukon farms and businesses that provide agricultural, horticultural or equine products or services.

There are also a number of farmers' or community markets in the Yukon selling locally grown or made foods or items.

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Invitation to tender

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Invitation to Tender for: The Yukon Agricultural Association invites offers for the supply of clearing ten (10) acres of fence line (24 feet wide), road right of way and storage site at the YAA Mayo Road Land (Km 206 North Klondike Highway).  All cleared lines must be walked down and windrowed (no dirt, using an angle blade). See map below for location of fence lines.  All areas to be cleared will be adequately flagged.  Please see the document below for details.

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