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Friday, June 21, 2013

Available local farm products: June 21-27

Welcome to the YAA's listing of available local farm products!

Contact the YAA office to have your farm or garden products listed (free if you are a YAA member!).  Please use the details below to arrange purchasing farm products directly from local farmers.

*Contact Dorothy Bradley - call (867) 332-3771 or email bradleyd@klondiker.com

 The garden is growing fast now.  All vegetables are up now and so are the weeds!     We will have lettuce to sell by a week tomorrow and more rhubarb.  Bag of leaf lettuce will be $4.00 each and a head of leaf lettuce will be $3.00 each.  Rhubarb will be $1.00 a pound.  Spinach and raddishes also available.

*Contact Yukon Valley Farm  - call 335-4431

Also taking orders for finished pigs in the fall (starting end of August). All aminals are raised natually. No antibiotics or hormones.


*Contact Marcel Barrault - email marcel@urbinnovation.com or call (867) 335-1229*

2012 Kubota MX5100 HST. 50 hp tractor with front end loader. $31,500 or take over 0%,0 buyout lease at $604.35/month with 52 months remaining. Also available with tractor is a Uniforest 40E skidding winch capable of winching 8800lbs. $3500

*Contact Fritz and Nana Lehnherr - call 393 3477*

2 Irrigation Wheel-lines
1/4 mile 5"x5" diameter Pipe
- Complete with mover
- Excellent condtion
- Ready to work
- $6,500 -- each

*Contact Anja Hoehle - call/text/leave msg (867) 993 3532 or email kerrsdaleheritage@hotmail.com*

Dawson’s very own pork, poultry & egg producer!  To participate in Community Supported Agriculture, order for Summer/Fall 2013 by May 20th.
- Chickens (Cornish Giants) available Aug.  Dressed weight 5-8lbs, $4.95/lb (+GST), pre-pay $16.50 each.
- Turkeys (reg. white) available from late Sept.  Dressed weight 12-18lbs, $5.45/lb (+GST), pre-pay $44 each.
- Pork (Large Blacks and Yorkshires) available late Aug.  Dressed weight 100 - 120lbs, $6.95/lb (+GST), cut & wrapped, including fresh sausage, pre-pay $650/ whole pig or $325/ side.
- Eggs from free-run chickens, brown & white, available July.  Please pre-order, quantities are limited.  Delivery to Dawson once a week.  $8.50/doz (+GST), pay on delivery.
All animals are raised free range on mixed pasture; no growth hormones or chemicals used in meat production.

*Contact Alison Reid - email areid@northwestel.net*

A number of Whitehorse-area horse owners will be happy to provide you with horse manure once their corrals have thawed. 
For a list of some of them, please contact Alison Reid via email. 
Note that some may charge a fee. Please no drop-ins; be sure to contact horse owners in advance.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Input: YAA Brainstorming Session

The YAA Board of Directors is holding a brainstorming session on July 5th with Bill Klassen to determine the association's goals and priorities over the next year.  Please note that the YAA is also working to update its Strategic Plan, which will map out actions for the longer term, and consultation for this will be a separate matter.  As a YAA member you can contribute to the 2013 goal setting meeting by responding to the following:

1. a) What are our industry strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? 
1. b) What actions can the YAA take over the next 12 months to support the positives and improve the negatives?

2. a) What do you see as the one immediate biggest issue or challenge to the Yukon's agricultural industry?
2. b) How should the YAA address this issue or challenge in the next 12 months?

3. The YAA leases 64ha of land on the Mayo Road.  How could this be best developed to help the agricultural industry in the next 12 months?

4.  What does the currently YAA do well (so we can continue doing this) and what can we improve upon in the next 12 months?

Please respond to these questions by July 2! Email admin@yukonag.ca, call 668-6864, or fax 393-3566.

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