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Governance Documents 


2018 Annual General Meeting

YAA's 2018 AGM will be held on Friday, May 11, 2018 at 7pm at the Grey Mountain Room of the Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre, Whitehorse. Click these links to review the 2018 AGM agenda and the draft 2017 AGM minutes. After adjournment and a break for refreshments, there will be a presentation by the Agriculture Branch team. 

2018 Special Resolutions

YAA members are hereby advised as of April 17, 2018, (via website notice, email and hard copy on the office notice board) that members in attendance will be asked to vote on the following two special resolutions at YAA's 2018 Annual General Meeting on Friday, May 11th:

  1. That the amendments to YAA's bylaws, as circulated on April 17, 2018, be approved. 
  2. That YAA change its fiscal yearend from March 31 to August 31. 

Explanatory note: 1. Please see the note and link below about the proposed bylaw amendments. 2. Following a motion at the 2017 AGM, the YAA board investigated the possibility of changing the fiscal yearend. Government of Yukon has approved the request. YAA is in the process of getting approval from Canadian Revenue Agency. A special resolution with specific date changes is required when submitting an application to Corporate Services. 

2018 Bylaw Amendments

YAA's governance committee advises YAA about issues relating to society bylaws, policies and evaluations. Amendments to YAA's bylaws will be proposed to YAA membership at the 2018 Annual General Meeting on May 11th. The amendments focus on lengthening the term of office for directors from one year to two and staggering the elections so that only half the board is up for election each year.

Additional amendments include improving the consistency of the references to Secretary and Treasurer and Secretary-Treasurer. The bylaw relating to the requirement of following the Government of Yukon's year-end will also be removed. The proposed amendments have been approved by Government of Yukon's Corporate Services and are included in the following document: 

Proposed Bylaw Amendments 2018

YAA Bylaws 2015  


In December 2017, the board of directors to update the first two sections of YAA's board policy manual, which was originally drafted in 2013 and updated in 2015. This year (2018), YAA will be reviewing and updating Section Three, Human Resources and Operations. 

YAA Board Policy Manual 

Strategic Planning

YAA's current 5-year strategic plan was drafted in late 2016 and approved by the board in early 2017. Training and facilitation was provided by Lyn Hartley. YAA is grateful to the Government of Yukon's Advanced Education NGO Training Fund for their generous financial contribution to this important initiative. 

2017-2021_YAA Strategic Plan

2006 YAA Strategic Plan 

Annual General Meetings

YAA's Annual General Meetings are held in early May. Currently YAA's financial year starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st. At each AGM, financial statements are presented to the members for review and approval. YAA will be required to complete an audit for the 2018/19 financial statements. Meg Smith-Potter of Precision Books is YAA's bookkeeper. 

2013/2014 Audited Financial Statements 


The following surveys were conducted in 2014-15.

January 2015 Webinars and Conferences Survey Results

September 2014 Wish List Survey Results


August 2014 Member Engagement Survey Results (Abridged)

July 2014 Agricultural Research Results

June 2014 Magazine Survey Results

May 2014 Equipment Survey Results

April 2014 Land Survey Results

GMO Questionnaire Results