Selling Yukon Farm Products


Just starting out? Check out this quick one-page overview recently published in InFARMation. Click on the following report for a more detailed review of what to consider when Selling Locally Grown Food. YAA drafted this report with food writer Miche Genest, Agriculture Branch and Environmental Health. It summarizes the health and safety regulations for selling farm products. 

A quick review of the following document will identify if you need a temporary food permit when selling your farm products. Contact HACCP for guidance in the development of a food safe management system. In addition, listed below is a summary of information about the steps required when selling farm products at farm gate, through retailers, and to government agencies. 

Farm Gate

Many Yukon farm and garden products are sold directly from the farm to customers via "farm gate" sales.  This enables farmers to set their own prices and interact directly with customers who can gain an appreciation for the energy, time and costs that go into producing local foods. Farm gate sales are regulated differently than sales via a third party retailer. See Selling Locally Grown Food for more information.

The online Yukon Farm Products & Services Guide lists Yukon farms and businesses as well as the products and services they offer. If you are selling goods at a farmers' market, contact Yukon Tourism Education Council and ask about their MarketSafe courses. Yukon farmers' markets take place in Whitehorse, Dawson City, Tagish, Haines Junction and Mayo/Stewart Valley.


If you are interested in selling at the retail level, contact local retailers to find out the food safety standards that farmers and producers are required to meet. Requirements may vary between retailers. Meat and egg products are regulated and require inspection. Some retailers require vegetable growers to have GAP certification or be certified organic.  

Government of Yukon

All food sold to the Government of Yukon must have gone through approved, inspected supply chains. Currently, this means that the local farm products that can be sold to government are:

  • red meat
  • whole eggs
  • unprocessed fruit and vegetables

If the food product you are interested in selling to government is not listed here, contact Environmental Health Services>>>

There are two ways in which Yukon farmers can access government purchasers to make sales of their products:

1) Register with the Supplier Directory managed by Highways and Public Works.

2) Make direct contact with government institutions to learn what kinds of products and volumes are required throughout the year or for special events.

Additionally, the Government of Yukon has a Business Incentive Program under which there is a rebate schedule that provides Yukon businesses with a competitive pricing opportunity when selling goods and services to the government.  

To view the Business Incentive Program Rebate Schedule>>>

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