Yukon Young Farmers


Purpose: To Represent, Support and Educate Yukon Young Farmers

Yukon Young Farmers (YYF) was founded in October 2011 as a chapter of the Canadian Young Farmers Federation and as a committee of the Yukon Agricultural Association. YYF's vision statement is to encourage and empower young farmers and to create networks that foster sharing, education and help amongst farm families.  

YYF strives to: bring new people into the industry; help young Yukon farmers take advantage of available federal funding to attend conferences; introduce new industry entrants to the tools that are needed to build an agricultural business; host educational workshops about topics such as machinery, horticultural production, livestock management and business planning; and facilitiate sector specific networking opportunities.

Events and Activities 

In collaboration with YAA and with the generous support of sponsors, YYF hosts events throughout the year including: equipment demo days, networking sessions and educational workshops. For more information, click here or on the LOCAL AGRICULTURE NEWS tab at the top of this page. 

A recent highlight for YYF was an educational workshop led by Dr Temple Grandin that took place at a farm owned and operated by a Yukon Young Farmer. The session was followed by a barbecue. Thank you to Autism Yukon for making this special event possible! 

Regular event updates are often posted on YAA's and YYF's Facebook page. Visit us on Facebook:

Connections to Canadian Agriculture

YYF is a regional member of the national organization, Canadian Young Farmers' Forum (CYFF). A young farmer is defined by CYFF as a farmer between the ages of 18 and 40.  In the Yukon this definition extends to farmers 45 and under.

Every February, Yukon Young Farmers send delegates to an annual conference hosted by CYFF. It is a national conference that is attended by young farmers from across Canada. YYF delegates actively participate in the conference by delivering presentations, participating in roundtable discussions, and attending leadership training sessions.

While attending the conference, delegates have opportunities to network with and learn from other young farmers who are making a difference in the Canadian agricultural sector.  Please contact the YAA office if you would like more information. 


YYF has representatives on the Government of Yukon's Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC) and the Yukon Agricultural Research Committee (YARC). AIAC provides advice to the EMR minister about the management of Yukon's agricultural and agri-food sector. YARC is the committee that evaluates and approves research and development project applications submitted to the Canadian Agricultural Partnerships funding program.

Strategic Planning 

YYF has completed a strategic sponsorship framework made possible by the 2017 NGO Training Fund which is administrated by the Government of Yukon's Department of Advanced Education. The sponsorship program will help to build strategic connections within the sector and financial support for ongoing YYF events and programs. 

Executive Committee

Although YYF is a committee of the Yukon Agricultural Association, it operates as an semi-independent organization. This situation came about because of YYF's links with CYFF. For example, like other CYFF chapters YYF holds an annual general meeting. This year's annual meeting was held on JANUARY 27, 2018.  At each annual meeting, YYF elects an executive which meets monthly, coordinates events and sponsorship framework. Please contact the YAA office if you would like to participate in any of the meetings.

The current executive members are:              

President: Mike Henderson 

Vice-President: [Vacant]

Secretary-Treasurer: Stephanie Bourret

Directors-at-Large: Laird Crow and Leona Dargis

Email: yukonyoungfarmers@gmail.com


The Yukon Young Farmers would like to thank the YAA and the staff at Yukon Government's Agriculture Branch for their continuing support.